We are pleased to announce a research grant opportunity provided by Policy Development and Research Fund (PDRF) aimed at supporting the Government of Armenia’s policy development processes through research on topics of importance to Armenia. This funding opportunity is aimed at creating favorable national conditions  for the development of more effective government policies and reforms by conducting solid analytical research, checked against international best practices and developed through a transparent and independent process with appropriate stakeholder involvement. Through its design, this grant opportunity will also contribute to building and enhancing the capacity within the Armenian academic/research community in developing solutions for high-priority problems identified by the Government. 

The PDRF is made possible through a grant from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will be administered jointly by a Panel consisting of members appointed by the Government of Armenia and AUA. Through the Panel, the Government will identify specific policy areas in need of academic/research support. The Fund will use the same procedures, administrative capacity, model and framework already setup for the AUA Manoogian Simone Research Fund (MSRF), with some adaptations as appropriate. 

The research topics may include policy measures to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and the Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA). Other priorities defined by the Government may also be included, taking into account its declared aim of achieving sustainable and inclusive growth, through policies for economic efficiency, social equity, women’s economic empowerment and the prudent use of environmental and natural resources.